Sunday, August 21, 2011

i really hate by job

friday at work was a very, very bad day. i've been wanting out of that dept since december of last year. the dept mgr doesn't want to work there any more so instead of looking for a different job, she treats us all like crap. friday i had it. i went and talked to the store mgr and co mgr. i was so mad that i was crying. if i cry when i am mad that means i am really pissed off! i told them i was this close to walking out. they have known how unhappy i am up there but will not do anything about it. they know that sales are down up there but won't do anything about it. this woman has treated people like crap for over 4 years in the dept yet they still don't do anything about her.

when i get stressed about one thing and upset like i was, it doesn't leave for a few days. i'm not one to "just let it go." i can't. i don't know how to. things go through my head like: if i was dept mgr i would do this, i would never treat anyone like this, why do they let her get by with this, how much more can i take, i can't just quit i have a son to think of....and much much more. no it isn't easy for me to just forget it. i do not like being treated like crap at a job that doesn't tolerate it but yet they do. other dept mgr have been asked to step down but she....she gets by with murder up there. these other dept mgr, in my eyes, were good people. they worked hard. she walks around the store looking busy. she takes long breaks. she doesn't do anything. she left 2 days of work that she didn't do for me to do on friday. i didn't do it. and it was hard for me not to because i am a hard worker and i knew it needed to be done but i wouldn't do it.

we donate food to feed america. what we can't donate we throw out to be recycled into dog food or fertilizer. i had not been doing the floor for over a week. a bunch of organic, what we throw out to be recycled, was left for me to take out. it sat in the area that i normally work in. lately i have been decorating cakes so i haven't been there. but when i go to do what i was told to do, there it was. you know what this tells me??? that people back there don't get a shit about the bakery or me. they can say their are friends but NO ONE leaves anything else for two certain people but they sure as hell will for me. that really upsets me.

there is  no respect in that place for anyone. well for those two certain people but not me. why? probably because i say it like it is. i get upset and voice my opinion when no one helps me to do things but will help others. i help people when i can. i help them put stuff up. i help in anyway i can but do i get the help and respect that i should? no. so i am stuck in a place that i hate more than anything and no one in mgmt will do a thing about it.

thankfully eric and i are on the remodel team. this week is my last week in the bakery for 6 weeks. i told the store mgr that i do not want to go back there after remodel. i talk to personel about this and she always gives me this grin and says "what's the matter now?" "well, are you sure you like her because wasn't she caught with your son in a freezer doing things they shoudln't have?"

one way or another i will get out of that dept. if i don't i will lose it. i almost did on friday, especially after i was told "i should fire you for not putting the carts away." i was decorating cakes. i had no idea what was going on in the back. i had got in trouble for them not putting "my stuff for the floor" away after they unload it from the pallet. i've told them not to leave it out. no one cares what i say. they know better but they don't care. so after i go to mgr a 2nd time that day, the person that told me they should fire me said it was a joke. yeah...that is something to joke about.

yes, rhonda is worth joking about, right? that is how i feel up there. not fair. not right. but no one seems to care.

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