Wednesday, August 24, 2011

happy birthday! (a day late)

happy birthday to the best man in the world.

eric's birthday was yesterday. we all went out to lunch to celebrate. we as in our parents and us. i tried to get a good picture of liam and eric but liam had other things in mind, as usual. i couldn't have married such a better husband and father. god sure has blessed me with him. i love you, babe!

last night we had to go get motrin for his teeth, liam's not eric's :) poor kid. i can not wait till all of his teeth are in. soon i hope! so we drove around to sooth him some. the lights at the ball parks always do. now when he sees the lights he'll either say "lights" or "watch." i could "watch" this sunset all evening!

we left work at lunch today. i had the worse cramping and stomach pains. i could barely walk out to the car. not sure what is going on with my body. got home, laid down and just didn't want to get up. feeling better today. stomach is still hurting. so very odd i tell ya! i don't have my gallbladder so it isn't that. who knows. i didn't know if i was going to have to go to the er or the dr. i was pretty freaked out by it. came from no where. i guess i will chalk it up to aging and out of shape. i can't get younger but i can lose some weight and work out. i can't wait till it gets cooler so we can walk. i am so over this heat. i will not miss summer at all!

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