Tuesday, August 02, 2011

week in the life day, sunday

what a fun week this was. not any different for us, but for me documenting it was fun. i realized a few things: we go to mcdonald's and sonic way too much. my kid is getting bigger and bigger and i can't stop him! :) i knew i was blessed but i realized how extremely blessed we are to make those frequent trips to mcdonald's and sonic.

and now for the last day, sunday.

liam woke up and was ready to play. usually he is whiney like me. "don't mess with me until i wake up!" not today....off to playing he went!

i let liam have one of those twinkies filled with chocolate. not sure why he has this look on his face. i believe it was something on tv.

and then it is time to brush our teeth. the kid loves to brush his teeth! once in the morning and once at night.

i usually save the laundry for sundays. i do wash during the week but it usually doesn't get folded and put away till sundays. yes...bad i know but that is how i roll so, oh well. lol

it was a little cool this morning. well actually, there is an app on the face of my phone that is for the weather. it said 77. i'm like let's go outside and play since it is 77. we get outside and it is not 77 but how do you tell a toddler that? you don't. you just go with the flow and pass out lol.

during the summer i only wear flip flops, unless i am at work then it is tennis shoes. but if i had a choice it would be flip flops all summer long no matter what. yes...i need a pedi!

we met eric's parents and our niece's at kyoto for lunch.

then it was to the hotel so they kids could play!

we had dinner at applebee's. sometimes liam is happy to be at a restaurant, sometimes not so much. we had to keep him entertained. i think he was getting tired after playing so hard.

this is what i had to eat. forget the name but had cornbread under chicken with a slice of ham, 2 pieces of bacon and cheese on top. with a bowl of cheesey corn. omg...it was awesome!

as we walked out of applebee's, i spot some cool clouds. i love when they look like this!

what a week! fun times!

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