Wednesday, August 17, 2011

unpretty marks

today gypsy mama talked about the unpretty marks on her body and what they mean. so i thought i would talk about mine.

i have a 6 inch scar from a c-section. this scar is a reminder how my little man came into this world. he wouldn't drop. after 7 hours of pitocin, he would not move. i never diliated. nothing. within 35 minutes of them saying it was c-section time, he was born. the baby i prayed and waited 19 years for was finally here! before i had him i had lost 74lbs. i gained all but 20 of it. i hate my stomach but it is also a reminder that he lived there for 9 months as he grew and developed. i try not to get too upset when i see my stomach. i try to remember that i had lost the weight before and can do it again. plus, he is totally worth it seeing how i never thought i would have a child.

other scars: 3 in the ab area due to gallbladder surgery and 3 in the right shoulder due to shoulder surgery. the shoulder sugery was the first surgery i had where they had to cut open. i remember the night before thinking how my scarless skin would be no more. i was pretty bummed. but fast forward ohhhh, 7 years and i don't mind, especially the one below my belly. that is the best scar of all!

i guess this is a reminder that beauty is not just your body. it is your soul. your spirit. your love. your joy. your gratitude. beauty is within!

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