Friday, August 05, 2011

cakes and a photo app!

my mom taught me how to decorate cakes when i was 6. i love creating stuff, cakes especially! i work in the bakery at walmart. i asked if i could decorate since one associate was taking a leave of absence. the last few days i have been decorating. i love it! a little stressed because of the weekend and the orders, but i can't wait to dive in tomorrow and decorate, one is a wedding cake!!! here are two that i took pictures of:

i got a new photo app for my phone, it's a droid, called "my tubo."  it has some great editing options, for far the best i have seen. here are 3 pictures i took with it to test it out:

i've done only one day of "week in the life" digitally. hopefully i can get some more done this weekend. that is about it from us. not too talkive tonight. off to shower and the to bed!

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