Monday, August 15, 2011

monday pinterest

today is about christmas! i want to decorate a lot this year. now that liam is old enough to like the things and kinda know what is going on, i want to have fun and decorate! i want to decorate for halloween too!
remember, click on the image to go to the owner's site.

this year i definately want to do the 25 days of christmas. saw this album and ohhhh my!!!!
btw, there is no link on pinterest to who this belongs to. bummer, i want to see inside it!

i'd love to decorate in blue's and red's. love this tree and it's gorgeous decorations!

such a cute idea here. mason jars as snow globes!

and this jar. oh my!!!

very cute pillow for the couch.

fun for the front door.

i have to make these cookies!

these looks simple to make! love the colors!

and last this idea for a picture!

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