Thursday, August 11, 2011

what we've been up to lately

i hope one day i learned to take my meds for my depression and anxiety. actually, this time i forgot. the evening went by and in the morning i remembered that i didn't take it. with this med, if you don't take it you will feel the affects quickly. unfortuneately, it takes even longer to get it back into your system. when i miss just one pill everything goes blah. work isn't tolerable and it needs to be with a boss that doesn't want to do her job. but that is a whole new blog post in itself. i get upset easily. i get mad faster. i want to lay in bed and just sleep. it isn't fun. and all of this from missing one pill. other meds don't have this reaction unless i miss a couple of days. so eric, being the awesome husband he is, put an alarm on his phone to make sure i take my meds each day. anxiety disorder isn't fun, but if you stay on top of it, it isn't as bad as it is if you don't. there are days that aren't great, we all have them, but i am learning each day to listen to my body and what it needs.

monday we decided to get out and take pictures since it was a gorgeous day and the weather was great!

we drove by the ball field that liam loves to drive by to get some pictures.

we love the lettering on old buildings. i can't wait to edit these in photoshop!

love this "open" sign. it is from a restaurant we tried about a month ago. yummy salad bar. you get a free tea. unlimited bread. love love love!

this guy is always standing at 4th and walnut on weekdays at lunch. he dresses as hamburger and dances to what ever is blarring through his headphones!

and then the clouds start to roll in from the north. and before you know it rain drops!

which is really need because the leaves on the trees are dying. it is too soon for the leaves to look like this:

i found a new photography app for the android op. it is vignette. i got the demo, may have to upgrade because this app rocks!!! i can do stuff like this:

which doesn't look too big, bummer. the demo doesn't produce big photos. so i may have to get it. i haven't found it to see how much it is though. i like freebies! :)

sunday evening we went for a drive. we found two deer out in the field. i tried to zoom in as much as i could. they don't look that great.

one of them was laying in the grass. it's bambi!!! :)

that is about it for now. had a lot i wanted to write about but it passed. nothing like being inspired to write then once you can it is gone. sigh.

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