Tuesday, October 25, 2011

all is good!

after all that has happened this last 6 weeks, this quote says it all:

and how true it is!

i didn't know how much strength i had in me. the last 6 weeks made me see that i am strong. that i can have faith, believe and all will be ok. that i can survive. that all will be ok. i am stronger than i think. anxiety disorder doesn't let you think that. it makes you think you are weak. but i proved it wrong. i won. you have to be strong for your child. you can't let fear take over when they are air lifting him to another hospital 3 hours away to figure out why he is so sick. you have to be strong. even if you can't be there you have to be strong. strength isn't just for them it is for you also. you have to remain healthy and well to be there for them. you have to believe and have faith. you have to pray. you have to let others that know what they are doing take over while you sit and know that all will be ok. you can't do any of that if you don't have strength.

praise God that liam is healthy and strong today. yesterday he had his appointment with the surgeon and all is good! he is back to his old self and i could not be happier! he was a miracle when he was made. a miracle that entered our world on december 21st, 2009. god knew we needed him. i knew god would protect him. and now we move on. we put this behind us and know that god is in control and will be there with us to keep is strong!

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