Saturday, October 15, 2011

i love a parade!

we took liam to the homecoming parade this morning. i was totally excited! i haven't been to one in years. i love parades!! here he is on the way to the parade.

while we are waiting for the parade to start. it was pretty chilly out. about 45 when we went to the parade. warmed up some and then the wind started in. :(

he clapped at the bands and things he loved. he also waved the people that were waving to the crowd.

him and daddy.

he got some candy. some would put it on his tray. the little girl next to him would give him some of her's.

what i thought was pretty cool was that some of the football players that won't national championship in 1961 was there. that's awesome!

that's all! next parade is the christmas parade! burrrrrr.

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