Sunday, October 09, 2011

ready for work!

tuesday we return back to work and i am very ready. what a 5 weeks it has been. we are all ready for our routine to be back to normal. even though i hate the department i am in, i am ready to go back and put all of this behind us. liam is getting stronger all of the time. his eating is much better. we are giving him probiotics to replace the good bacteria that his stomach lost through all of the antibiotics. he has more energy and more life! he is recoverying wonderfully!

one day i want to write about all of this. how trying it was. how scary it was. how frustrating it was when we had no idea what was going on. all of it a nightmare. but thank God He took care of us and liam and all is great now. as a mother you worry about one thing and another, it never stops. my mind has been a whirlwind of emotions. each day is much better for me. i am a worrier. i always have been. now it is like 10 fold. i worry if he is drinking enough. i worry if he is eating. in fact sometimes i am obsessing about it. i am not eating well myself. i haven't ate well since all of this began. work will help me. i need the routine. i am not one to sit at home. one or two days and i go stir crazy but over a month? eeks...not good for the mind, especially mine.

i am very thankful that liam is doing so well. for a while i was like, "what else will happen?" you can't think like that. you never know. and if nothing ever happens it is needless worry for nothing. easy to say and sometimes very hard not to do. i'm putting my faith in God that He will watch over liam while we are at work. i know there is nothing else that will go wrong. he is strong, healthy and growing like a weed. this was just a bump in the road that happens to all of us. God takes care of us. He knows our strengths and our weaknesses. all is going to be ok from here on out, i know it.

now...back to work and back to what we know, our routine. we all need it. liam needs to be back in daycare with his friends. to socialize. i need to focus on something besides him, i'm sure he can feel my stress and i am pretty much begging him to drink something. i need to talk to people, socialize myself. i'm ready. bring on tuesday!

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