Monday, November 14, 2011

21 day challenge!

i love rhonna and her 21 day challenges. after today's appointment i realize i need to stop talking and thinking so negative. so i will work on that for 21 days.  here is day 1's quote:

i need to stop the negative and think more positive. i have so much on my plate than i ever used to. so much more to worry about. so with all the added into my life i think a lot more. and with more thinking comes negative talk. "will we be able to eat if i...." "i don't know how we can make it any more." "i can't do this. i am not strong enough." "am i really a good mom and wife, i mean look at me." i could go on and on but i think we get the point.

so from now on any negative that comes into my head i will replace with a positive. if it gets so bad i will journal about it or put it on twitter. some how i will get it out.

click on rhonna's name above if you want to learn more about it and join! you will be glad you did!

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