Sunday, March 04, 2012

project life week 8 and some wind!

still kicking away with project life. here is week 8.

i got to thinking yesterday how i am going to run out of letters to put on the "week...." piece. that's a lot of w's and e's to use. may have to start digital at some point. thankfully, walmart and big lots have cheap letters cause i'm going to use a lot!

on leap day we had a bad storm come through. i don't think i remember the hail sounding like it did, then again i was a sleep right next to a window. and that wind!!!! i'm hearing two different reports: straight line winds or EF2 tornado. which ever it is there was a lot of damage. never seen this much here in town.

this is the a hotel by the mall. a lot of damage to it.

the cemetary across for the hotel had a lot of down trees, knocked over head stones. one tree was knocked off with a headstone on top of it. i feel for the people that have family buried there.

one neighborhood in town got it very bad. it was a couple of blocks from the cemetary.

and look at this house!!!!

thankfully there were no bad injuries. not really looking forward to spring this year. that day there were tornadoes all over the midwest with much damage and deaths. i have a feeling this will be a very tornadic spring. i used to be happy about that but after the joplin tornado, not any more. the weather fasinates but though. it is amazing what it can do. how one house can be untouched and next is blown away. totally crazy!

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