Monday, March 26, 2012

this week in photos

lots of photos to share this week!!!

liam wanted to sit in his stroller to watch tv and eat his oatmeal.

since it is warm now it means this for coffee!!!!

dude did some painting at daycare! such an artist!

upside down photos while daddy is changing his diaper.

this goofy grin...i tell ya....its one of those belly laugh faces.

i got some new body sprays at bath and body. they were 3 for 10. i'd rather wear body spray than perfume when it is hot out.

he's getting better when we go out and eat, a little bit. he doesn't like to sit very long, especially if we eat at the mall (which we rarely do any more...oh how i miss the deli.)

here we are riding on grandpa's mower.

this stuff is awesome!!! chocolate and cream cheese...heaven on a bagel!

we went to a birthday party at the ymca that had a gymnastics theme. he loved it. he will start mommy and me tumbling on wednesday. the kid loves to move so this will be perfect. it will get him started for when he turns 3 and can go into another group that is just boys and does more to strengthen them. i can't wait to go wednesday!

and i will end with Kit-tay! she is an offspring of a cat we had. she isn't around any more. she had a litter and never showed up again. don't know if something got her or what. this one is so loving and friendly. she is always around us. she greets us every time we open the door and come home from anywhere. she is a good kitty.

oops. forgot about these. the dude loves to play ball. he can throw a ball like no other. he likes golf too. i see sports in his future!

ok that is it. whew...lots of photos this week! :)

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