Sunday, March 18, 2012

this week in pictures

sorry...a bit behind on my blog. haven't been on the computer much in the last week. i don't think my hand is use to decorating cakes all the time. i am decorating cakes at work now till the main cake decorator figures out what is going on with her wrist. my hand and my shoulder have been bothering me. i think my shoulder is the way i sleep, hand is from squeezing the frosting bag...not used to it, so it has been bothering me. i can't grip much in the mornings. i can't use the mouse much on the computer. well, i can't really do much of anything. haven't been sleeping that great either because of the pain.

ok....enough about me....

btw....i noticed that i haven't been taking too many photos. so need to kick it into gear again. i take one each day for the "photo a day" but haven't on daily life stuff. oops.

my birthday was the 13th. on your birthday and your anniversary (hire date) the time clock will either say "happy birthday" or "happy anniversary."

love the way the trees look as they start to bud and bloom. adding the sun behind it makes it even better.

we went out to my parent's on saturday. liam loves to play in the back of grandpa's truck.

on the way home i got this shot of the sky!

we went to the mall today. liam loves the arcade. this is how he plays skee ball.

we went to payless. i got a 30% off coupon and had to find something. liam found this mirror.!!!

that's it for this week.

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