Monday, March 05, 2012

project life week 9

9 weeks already?! fun times i tell ya! i started out printing photos at walmart but then i thought why not just use the printer at home. no need to get out to go get the pictures then work on them. i have an HP and it is great for photos.

this week i have 3 page protectors i used. here is the first page using the same protector as last week since it was the other side.

i used another protectors that holds 12 3x4 photos. since i took a lot of photos of the storm that came through town, i wanted to use this protector to print off some of the damage. i also threw in a couple of pictures of liam.

i got photo pocket page variety pack 1. lots in here to keep my changing so i don't get bored. i didn't know what to do with the protector that has 4, 6x6 slots. i decided that at the end of the month i would print off the "photo of the day" pictures on one sheet and then the other 7 slots i would print off digital layouts i have done that month. they aren't in any order, just photos i like to use.

and there you have it! till next week....

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