Friday, May 07, 2010

he rolled over!

liam rolled over the night before last in his crib. he got his right arm stuck and get really mad! i didn't give him any tummy time from birth till now, so i am a bit concerned that he won't be strong enough to lift himself up. but julie said he got him arms going and raised himself up a bit. whew! now that the carpets are up, i can put a blanket on the floor so he can get some tummy time.

i sometimes question if i know what i am doing. i haven't been around babies much at all. in fact, i think i can count on one hand the times i have been around one for more than an hour, if even an hour. not many people i know have babies or have had them recently, so i don't really know what i am doing half the time. i have never watched anyone do anything where their baby. well when brett was born i went to aimee's and visited once. don't remember much excep him sleeping lol. i think i am doing a pretty good job with all that i am learning. it must be a mother instinct. though i am wondering about cereal and how to mix it and with what. i can't find a bottle that i am comfortable with or i would put some in his bottle. but now that he is eating fruits and veggies do i need to put any in the bottle?

he has a dr appointment for in the morning. he has been coughing and a bit of a running nose. i wonder if he got what we got. so far it isn't bad but i am taking him to make sure. he is such a blessing....that wonderful little man of mine!

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CreativeChretin said...

typically you mix the cereal with water or formula (or breastmilk) and make it kinda running, since he's so young. Like almost watery. I would feed it to him with a spoon and not put it in a bottle. At least that's what my child's DR recommended to me. I didn't start baby food until my son was 6 months old. Until then he just ate the rice cereal. HTH.