Monday, May 17, 2010

will i ever be caught up?

so much to do around the house today. yesterday i slept a lot and didn't much done. i did a load of liam laundry and a load of our laundry. that was it. i guess sundays are my day to catch up on sleep but man it puts me way behind. eric is still in bed. he is congested and not feeling well. not sure how to get much done when liam is awake. he took a 10 minute nap then woke up. i did get a load of dishes done and make some french toast. a little at a time and it will get done.

we took liam for a little walk yesterday. our view from the top:

love these cheeks!

we're going to have a rummage sale on the 12th. i am going to get rid of all my scrapbook stuff. i can't afford to do it any more. i don't have time to do it any more. and we can use the space. i will scrapbook digitally which is less space, more affordable (you can use the stuff over and over again) and instant downloads with no waiting on shipping. i am sure i will regret it but at least there will be digital memories recorded, just no more paper. makes me a bit sad but what can you do?

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