Monday, November 29, 2010

catching up

last week was one busy week. i'm finally able to catch up on thanksgiving and putting up the tree. thanksgiving....we had to work, bummer i know. my first thanksgiving having to work so i was pretty bummed all day. we went to my mom and dads after work for dinner. danny and pamela came out. liam loved the turkey, mashed potatoes and custard pie. i think the kid will eat just about anything :)

we got the tree up and decorated. i am so excited about this christmas. i have always loved christmas trees. i wish i could afford to decorate them all fancy and fun. love the one at pennys that has pinks, blues, purples...i die!!! but our little white tree makes me happy. i love how it glows at night. happiness! one tradition that i want to do is get liam a hallmark ornament each year. something he can hang on  his christmas tree when he is married to remember his childhood. eric has a bunch that his mom got him through the years. pretty darn cool!

those are just a few of the ornaments on our tree. nothing really matches. all different kinds. just how i love it!

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