Sunday, November 07, 2010

showly but surely

slowly but surely i am getting better. after making another trip to the dr on thursday, they figured out that i have an upper respiratory infection. so i got a penicilln shot and more penicilln to take. she says that i never got over the ear ordeal and the throat infection. so hopefully this will help. i am feeling better and getting my strength back.

liam got another tooth. his upper front right broke through yesterday. it isn't all the way through but i am sure it will be soon!

friday there was a fire in town. after growing up with a dad that was a reserve for the sheriff's department (we'd always have the scanner on and go to big fires), fire interests me. i know that is bad to say because if there is a fire someone is losing something, but i love to watch it. love to watch the fire fighters. the lights. the sirens. the smoke. the fire. love it. here are some shots i got from the fire:
i took 91 photos but not all came out that great. the way the sun was positioned didn't help. but i got some great shots. one day that canon rebel will be mine :)

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Juls~ said...

Hi Rhonda! Great post ... my daughter's boyfriend, his father and his brother are all Fire Fighters. Her boyfriend received his paramedic certification recently.

AND! OMG, I used to get sick as a dog when my kids were young with URIs, ALL-THE-TIME. So, here's what you do: take a multi-vitamin every day without fail, eat probiotic yogurt because the antibiotics will also run your system down, take some A Vitamins and maybe Iron {but check with your pharmacist on dosages}. I also started doing nasal irrigations later in life, I know that sounds awful, but it's actually refreshing and cuts down on sinus bacteria, flushes out allergens. Once I started doing this, I wasn't sick once for two years with a cold! For energy take a B-Complex because women absorb that better than plain old B.

Hope you feel better soon! I sent you an email too :)