Wednesday, November 24, 2010

most thankful

this year has been the most amazing year of my life. i am so thankful for everything and for everyone that came into my life in one way or another. having liam has been incredible. i had no idea how much my life would change. i thank god for it all.
so here is what i am most thankful for this year:
1. liam jackson. the little boy that i fell in love with at 5:43pm on december 21st. 2009. the sweet little man that instantly made the world a better place.
2. eric. he is the best husband and father anyone could have and i am so glad it is me. he is there for me no matter what. means the world to me.
3. my parents. they are there for me 100%. their health is remaining strong, that i am very grateful for.
4. aimee. friends since 4th grade, we never lost track and are still best friends. i don't know how i could ever repay her for all she had done for me.
5. eric's parents and family. i am grateful for a patient and understanding family. they have welcomes me with open arms since day one. they are alwasy there if we need them.
6. my job. yes it is walmart. yes it is retail. but there are so many people without jobs these days, i am very thankful that i have a place to go to tue to sat to make a living.
7. my co-workers. i miss the softline girls really bad. i love laughing with them. talking to them about anything and everything. they are a great group of gals that i love!
8. our dogs vinny and dottie sue. poor things. they don't get the love they need any more. i try but a lot of the time they just lay there and wish we would pet them. i love you pooper dogs! i really do.
9. for all of my friends that have been there for me the last year and plus. i'm so blessed to have them in my life. glad you are in my life. you are my hero!
10 for myself. i may have a lot i still need to work on but i am so glad i stuck through the bad to get to the best part of my life. i never thought i would get here. the ride was rough but once i arrived i never looked back.

and the not so serious stuff....
1. monster energy drinks. on the nights that liam doesn't sleep well or he decides he wants to go to bed late, a monster takes care of all my worries!
2. sonic happy hour. love me a cherry coke1
3. yummy icing on cookies.
4. pumpkin anything.
5. sunsets. sunrises. the sky in all its glory.
6. underwear that still has elastic left in it.
7. my blackberry storm2
8. photoshop
7. trees
8. art. art in all kinds moves me. it inspires me. especially photography.
9. my little canon. one day it will grow up to be a canon rebel :)
10. mexican food. i could live off of it for a long time. don't think my stomach could but....
11. twitter. what would i do without twitter? i am obsessed with twitter.
12. makeup. they make this 39 year old face a little more tolerable to look at :)
13. laughter. nothing makes you feel better than a good ole laugh.
14. blogs. i read them daily.
and last but not least.....memories.

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