Sunday, November 28, 2010

simple things part 1

when i saw this on rebecca cooper's site i had to do it. i think it will encourage me to take more pictures of everyday little things. in 20 years from now i want to remember the simple things that made me happy. today it is the "baby's first christmas" ornament. it is really liam's 2nd christmas, but last year he was only 4 days old. we didn't get the tree up last year either. i was just way too tired with work ( worked up till 2 days before i had him) and i didn't want eric to take on another it just didn't happen. this year is different. tree is up and it looks great! and this simple little ornament makes me feel so happy that i finally have a baby, soon to be toddler, to celebrate my favorite season with. and a great husband too! :)


senovia said...

What a wonderful "simple thing"! :)

Diane said...

love daughter was born Christmas Eve (19 years ago)...our most treasured gift ever :)

rebecca said...

what a great idea to photograph this special ornament! :) Love it!