Monday, January 31, 2011

just one layout

i decided that digital scrapbooking is the only way i will go now. after i got what i had out and organized, i realized that i'd rather do digital. my mom gave me a few things so i got my stuff back out and organized again. still felt the same way. paper stuff is so expensive. well to me it is. when i think of what $25 will get me, i cringe. i can get 4 to 5 digital kits for that much and use them over and over. at .70 and up for one sheet of paper, it adds up fast. plus the space. so digital is the way i am going to go. i thought i could never part with paper but i can. it won't bother me at all. i just can't see paying money for paper supplies any more. i love too much of it and would want it all lol. i thought maybe i would get some new stuff and see if that changed my mind. then i thought nah...just wasting my money.

so, here is a digital layout i did yesterday:
i want to take more pictures and document more. liam is saying more words. i want to remember when and what he said. i wish i would have recorded more in his first year. i will make up for it! since it looks like he will be the only child i am going to start going crazy with the pictures, especially with the new camera!

in other news...they are calling for a lot of snow. like 12 to 16 inches. eeks! no. i am not a snow person. i like it for maybe one day then i want it gone. it is pretty for that day that i don't mind it but after that nope...i don't want it. i'd rather have sunny, warm days. maybe i should move south...way south!? we don't get that much bad weather thank god so i will stay where i am at for now. but that may change depending on how much snow we get tomorrow lol. i know i could never live in the east/northeast. ever!!!!

stay warm!

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