Sunday, January 30, 2011

unseen blessings

we never know when things are going to happen...good and bad. i'm not one for surprises and change. thursday we got quite a surprise. my ex is suppose to pay for the jeep. it is my property, he is paying for it. it is in the divorce papers that way. well thursday evening the jeep got repo'd. (thank god it isn't in my name, just by law via divorce papers) yeah...i was not a happy woman. no warning what so ever. all the sudden we are without a car. no way to get to work. no way to get anywhere if we needed to. i don't know if i have ever been so mad at someone as i am him.

thankfully we were able to get another car, a 2008 pontiac g6, on friday. there were a few things wrong with the jeep. things that i don't know if we would be able to afford. not major things but i am sure before long they would be. the g6 still has factory warranty. still plenty of years and miles left before it is up. i didn't know if i would be able to go to a car after having a jeep and an explorer. but the way gas prices are, that made it a lot easier to make a decision to get a car with good gas mileage. there is more room inside than the jeep. funny but there is, especially in the backseat. and yes, easier to get liam strapped in with that room to move back there.

yes, this was a blessing in disguise. i had thought from time to time about getting a newer vehicle but didn't want the car payment. oh and luckily this happened right when we got our tax refund. the same day we needed a car we got our refund. i think god had a little work to do in that. it helped us put a good size down payment on the car. :) the refund will help us pay a few bills off so we can comfortably afford this car. now as long as nothing major comes up.... lol

i also want to point out that i have the most amazing inlaws. thank you for helping us and coming to our need thursday night, laura! i think to myself how lucky and blessed i am and i can't help but have a huge grin on my face. i feel peace. i feel content. i feel happy. i know we are put through things to make us stronger. i know those years i wasn't happy helped me to be who i am today. i am stronger. i am more determined. and i believe it was all worth it. in the end it always is, right?

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