Sunday, January 23, 2011

powdered donuts and other things

yes he loves powered donuts. i probably give him way too many but he knows when to stop. oh trust me he does! he throws them when he is done. he throws anything when he is done eating. so he never over eats on donuts or blueberry muffins...he favorites! who can resist that powered sugar face? :)

so tomorrow we find out if he needs tubes in his ears. i think i need one in my left ear. it's been plugged up since sept. other than the month in a half where it wasn't. going to make an appointment with dr. baker for myself tomorrow. i'm tired of not being able to hear. (and i am sure everyone is getting tired of "what?") he is working on 4 teeth. he sticks his thumbs in his ears when his teeth are bothering him. we did take him to the dr to make sure the ear infection was gone since he was doing this. they look great. dr said it was due to teething.

the kid loves car rides. he loves looking out the windows and watching everything go by. he used to hate being in his car seat but i think he is finally realizing there is so much to see. he never wants to miss anything. he observes. he takes everything in. he has to see it all!

he really likes looking out the front window. the seats are spread out enough that he can see right through. i like to look back at him in the rear view mirror. sometimes he sees me and laughs. makes me smile.

he still has issues getting strapped in. i don't think he likes that part of the seat. but once he is in he is ready to go. and if you stop the car.....well you better get moving again is all i can say! thank god the carhops at sonic are fast!!!

yep...that's my son. he's awesome.

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