Thursday, February 09, 2012

a couple of layouts

some layout lovin'!

i'm so happy in my life right how. i'm so thankful that God had blessed eric and i with liam. oh my gosh that boy is the biggest thing in my life. after september i realized i want to document more. remember more. so i am trying to remember more to put in layouts. it is one reason why i am doing project life. i usually love to add a lot of embellishments and such. i love the ones i see that have really cute stuff on it, but mine will contain more pictures and more memories. i will add some embellishments here and there but i mainly want to remember. i want liam to look back in and see what we did. what was in style. the stores. the clothing. the books he read. the people that were in his life. everything. even now he looks in albums with me and points to the people he knows. he laughs, smiles and claps. i want that for the rest of his life. i want him to smile when he sees how much he was loved by all of us. that's what scrapbooking is all about. i used to think it was about what i used to put the layout together, the pretty stuff. not any more. yeah, i still love allof that but i know now that it is more about what happened in our life instead of the paper and buttons i used.

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