Wednesday, February 01, 2012

this week in photos

yeah, i am a few days late on this. i also need to post week 3 and 4 of project life. hopefully that will be tomorrow!

liam loves balls! he has all kinds but he doesn't have a football or a basketball. i saw a basketball at walmart for 4.87. omg he loves it! here he is chilling in the recliner, eating and watching tv with his ball.

i went to starbucks and ordered a yummy bun and a coffee. got a sample of the new blonde blend. score!

i walked out of Big Lots to see this.....which one is mine????

and what did i get in big lots? i scored some great deals on stamps!!!!!

we both got new phones. ohhhh. my....god....these phones are awesome! it is the electrify by motorola at us cellular.i got a case to protect it from liam!

ugh...the laundry is piled high! washed just needs folded. yes...i got it done. :)

we got a new bed set. happy!!! and new pillows too. nice and comfy, i never want to get out of bed! :)

i got "the message" bible. it is so much easier to understand. love it!

that's it for this week. well...last week. hope to get project life caught up! :) week 3 is done, working on week 4.

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