Monday, February 13, 2012

this week in photos

hey, on time. a miracle!

liam was on our bed playing with the sewing maching box. he'd roll his cars on it. he'd go fast and laugh because the cars were hitting the curves in the boxes. so i got the rebel out and took some upclose photos.

yeah...kinda went a little over board with those. trust me, there are more. i love his little fingers!

went to the dentist to get a filling refilled. they hope they can safe the tooth. i say pull it but if i can put off pulling it for a while i guess that is ok.

after the dentist we went to the mall. i love the new pretzel place there. had to have some despite the tooth just being filled. actually it think it was maybe an hour later when i ate. love the pretzel bits and nacho cheese!

had the stomach flu this week. i thought it was food poisoing but i think it is now the stomach flu. eric was sick last night. he thinks it was what he ate...yeah so did i dear

and there is nothing like this little man when he eats anything sweet.

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