Wednesday, February 08, 2012

this week in photos

eeks...i am getting later on this..should be done on monday's to avoid any confusion. anywhooo, here is what happened last week.

liam got to meet his cousin, daisy. he got jealous when uncle steve would hold her. he would go up to him and whine, "pick me up" he would motion....he's a man's man and no girls are allowed, ever!

i tried this new!!!

at the beginning of the week we had our eyes tested. i need bifocals. at first i was like "ohhh i am old now." didn't really like the thought of it. but now that i have them i am so glad. i can read better. i can look at my phone easier. love them!!!

the mall had a boat/sport show over the weekend. they had a few atv's left over. so eric and liam decide to get on one. liam wanted to get on it over and over after that.

it was warm one day this week....i believe it was a tuesday. so we took the dude out so he could run around. he misses going outside in the winter. he is an outdoors kind of guy.

that's about it for this week in photos!

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