Sunday, August 12, 2012


liam's saturday sitter was closed due to a wedding so eric's mom came to watch liam. we were so happy to find out that sierra, breanna, alexis and alexia were coming! he loves his cousins and he loves to show off around them! here he is with one of the twin's shoes showing off his pull-up.

they all went to the park. we have a great park just 2 blocks from our house.

then they went to the mall where the girls bought him a sponge bob balloon.

we had big news this week. liam pooped in the potty. only happened once but it was great! here he is talking on the phone and playing the sax. he likes to multitask......he got from me. :)

at work i had a request to do a gender reveal cake. i cut the cake in half and put pink in the middle. when they cut the cake they will see what the sex is of the baby. it was fun to make though i heard the gal didn't like the green on it. people are never happy lol


love, love, love, love my job! i got to see what my first full-time paycheck is today....omg!!!! sooo happy!!!! thank you god for this blessing. we really need it!

have a happy week!

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