Tuesday, August 07, 2012

stupid meds!

i had been taking steroids for my hand. with decorating full-time, my had was hurting. i went to the dr to make sure it was nothing serious. tendonitis and tennis elbow. he gave me steroids. oh lord...i don't like them. day one i had hot flashes like no ones business. was sweating under the air conditione. i was more hungry than usual. day two, the same. day three brough massive mood swings. omg....i stopped. anger was really bad, this was sunday. what started out as a great day ended one hour after i took that friggin pill. it happened at night as well so i said that was it.

i really think the tendons in my hand are just getting use to decorating. my hand feels a ton better than it did. if i use really hard icing it will get bad so i don't do that any more. i really love my job and want to keep it so i am taking care and doing exercises, when i remember. i love how i can create with icing, just another medium to use to create art.

grrrr...i was trying to upload some cakes i've made lately but it won't let me. maybe tomorrow it will. it's crazy, i am now saying that i look forward to work and that i can't wait to go.i love playing with color and the different tips. i love how i am getting better at the air gun. i love how this girl loved her zebra print cake even though i thought it looked like crap.

the images still won't upload so i'll try tomorrow night.

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