Monday, August 06, 2012

park time!

last night liam wanted to go to the park. we were on our way home from my parents. it was 8:30 and getting close to bedtime. so we said we'd go in to morning. he got all excited and clapped! we haven't been but once in the last month. the heat has been too bad to get out and do anything. heck, he hasn't even gotten into his pool. we've just been staying in and sometimes going for rides to cool off and to get out.

so this morning we went to mcdonald's because he wanted that last night too, and then to the park. and he played hard!

he loves the slide. he loves climbing up it too.

this is my favorite shot from today:

he wanted to run the basketball court. so we let him run and "slam dunk" a few "balls." he pretended he had a basketball and was dunking it. total crack up! then he found walnuts and threw those up and down the court.

love this shot of him in the plastic tubes.

he didn't want to get out....

at one point he waved his arm for me to stay back. there are a set of steps that are steep. nope...he didn't want any help. dude is getting big and mr. independent he is. i had fun watching him take off and play and play. he's getting to where we can sit and watch and let him go. he does his own thing.

pottying! we are doing great on pottying. he is officially out of diapers. we had to put one on him last night though as he had an accident and we were away from home. he wears pull-ups to bed. he gets so happy when it hears it actually going into the toilet. there are times when he doesn't "tuck it in" and it goes on the tub or into his shoes. lol.

i was with him in his room yesterday and noticed his baby carrier. i asked myself if i wanted to go back to when he was a baby. no.....i enjoy every step of this journey we are all in. every day is something new. i don't want to go back in time. i miss when i could snuggle him up to my neck but i can still do that even if he is 2. he's talking so much more. it's like he changes and grows over night. it's really an amazing experience. i love being a mom.i don't care that i had to wait so long. he's here now and that is all that matters!

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