Wednesday, August 08, 2012

let's try those pictures again!

let'e see if those pictures will post today! these are some of the cakes that i have done. my base icing is getting better. when i am in a rush it doesn't look too good but it is getting better!

i needed sometime to put in the case as a filler. i was hoping it would stay in  there so i wouldn't have to make another but it sold. lol. i forget that we have hunters in this area.

this was my first try at carnations.

this was my first tiered cake. again, was kind of in a rush so it could have been better. each day i get better. i made one yesterday but out of whipped icing. i hate when people order these tiered cakes and want whipped icing. whipped does not look good. and in this heat, if you use an air brush for color, it fades very fast. people don't care though. if i am paying money for a cake i want it to look good when i get to where i am going. i wish whipped wasn't an option for cakes.

this was really fun to amke. i love the flowers on it. when i started i only knew how to make roses but now that i am doing more kit cakes, i am learning how to make more flowers which is awesome. i love flowers and making them makes me happy! :)

this i was in a rush to make. not sure if i like it or not but the customer did and that is all that matters. it was to match a napkin...that is always fun! lol. i am also better at base icing 2 layers. one thing with using an already made up icing, is that sometimes it is hard. sometimes you can use it and sometimes you are better off to just throw it out. and sometimes it is hard to base ice anything when the icing is a bit dry...well that is all the time actually. i think i have gotten through the older icing that the other cake decorator used. she would leave the lid off all the time and dry out the icing, hense the reason why my hand hurt. it hasn't hurt since i have been using softer icing!

today we got a new order book for the customers to look at. it was like christmas for me! there were some cakes i had never seen. so i made a list of things i may want to order. one thing that i am proud to say is that compared to the other stores in town, we have the biggest variety of cakes to choose from. and that is a good thing!!!!

and that is it for now as blogger won't let me add any more. wonder what is up with that????

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