Monday, September 24, 2012

catching up

haven't been doing much of anything lately. behind on project life by 2-3 weeks. thankfully that is easy to catch up on and i hope to do that today or tomorrow. felt some what creative but not much. i do so much of it at work that when i get home i'm not in the mood to make cards or scrap. but i did make a couple of cards with some new stamps i got. my mother-in-law got me this new little bicycle stamp, love it!!!


here are a few cakes that i have made at work.

  i'm getting better at base icing. i hate when there is no border to cover up the sides! :)

i love this little bundt cakes. so many cute decorations for them. though they don't sell well and i can't figure out why. they are really neat and cheap!

i have a lot to say but my fingers are working fast enough nor is my brain. i started a blog on agoraphobia. it's blank so far as i just started it yesterday. i hope to write all i can about my experience and maybe it will be theraputic???? not sure yet if i will share it with others as it is a touchy, shameful subject. i really do want to write a book but man...i don't have time to write a book. unless they paid me in advance so i could take off work.....

we got new next door neighbors and they have a son that is 4 months younger than liam. we went over and played with thim friday night. they had a blast. mom's name is amber. she says that draven hasn't had anyone to play with as far as neighbors, liam hasn't either at least one that is the same age. they both love trucks and balls. they bought the house so now i really want to stay here and not move. which means that i really want to repaint and redo the house. amber and i seem to have some things in common. just want we all needed! makes me happy!

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