Sunday, September 09, 2012

feeling blessed

today is the first sunday in weeks that i have felt good. i was able to get up and make a big breakfast. that is one thing i love to do on sunday's, make a big breakfast or pancakes. dude loves pancakes. there for a while it was pancakes every weekend. i think we all got burnt out. dude loves biscuits so biscuits are always a must.

i think i found out why i am getting over this sinus stuff as fast as i usually do. at work i use an air brush to color cakes. there is color in the air. you wipe down the counter and it is usually blue or a brown, sometimes green. i breathe that stuff in. i think it is hindering my recovery. that stuff sticks to my chest and won't let the mucus go. so i started to wear a mask. i do feel a difference. when i blow my nose or if i have mucus come up it is that color that is on the counter that i wipe down. that can't be good for you? lol so a mask it is. even if i feel like a total dork and think that people are wondering if i have some disease...i always worry about the stupidest stuff. i finally told myself  "who cares. it is for my health."

last weekend we took liam to ride some horses during our town's annual, "Little Balkans Day." It happens every Labor Day. I thought he would freak out and want eric to walk next to him. Ohhhh, no. he loved it. he didn't want off. i loved watching his face light up. it's what i live for! thankfully the rain stopped for a few so he could ride.

now to find someone that has a horse so he can spend more than 3 minutes on a horse.....

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