Wednesday, April 22, 2009

loving stamp camp

2peas is having a stamp camp. it is awesome. i have gotten reacquainted with my stamps and mediums. i ordered 4 sets, only $12 since they are having an awesome sale. here is the card i made for this week's camp:

i tried to upload some layouts over a week ago but for some reason blogger was turning the photos. no matter how i put them in they were coming up side ways. so here are a few layouts i did.uggg this is still side ways. i don't know what the deal is.

i don't think it likes that one layout lol

today i plan on gettings things caught up around the house. creating a bit. my order from 2peas should be here tomorrow. eric and i are going out to mom and dads for dinner. i called mom and asked her to make some potato soup. i love her potato soup and started craving it at work the other night. going to be yummy, can't wait! got up a bit early. my body wants to get up and play while i want to sleep lol. but all is good! it's going to be a great day!

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