Tuesday, April 07, 2009


i enjoy taking pictures of signs and photoshopping them. here are some cool ones i found at flickr.
1. Save Gas Sign, 2. One sign fits all, 3. Renee's Salon of Beauty Sign, 4. Ignore This Sign, 5. Sign Eating Tree, 6. Confused Sign, 7. Warning Sign with Clouds, 8. Shop Sign, 9. What is this sign trying to say?

can't wait for tomorrow. well actually i can't wait to get off work tonight and come home. i really enjoy my times at home now. it used to be i wanted to work to avoid home. so many great things have changed in my life. what i used to hate i love now. i don't remember the last time i cried because i hated my life. i am so happy that i where i am in life now.

off to dry hair, put on makeup and get ready for my 5.5 hours of work tonight!

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