Friday, April 24, 2009

need frames

i need some frames. i have been printing pictures to hang in my scrapbook room but never remember to buy frames. big lots has the best frames. they have a great variety and great prices. i still need to hang up pictures that i wanted to put up in my scrapbook room when i first got it done.

i remember as a kid tearing out pictures in magazines and taping them to my wall. i've always loved photography, colors and designs. i would tear out pictures of a tube of lipstick just because i thought it was neat. a lot of what i hung up was fashion oriented. at one point i wanted to go to school to work for liz claiborne. i loved fashion and somewhat still do. i also wanted to own or run a clothing store. i think that is why i like working in apparel so much is i am surrounded by clothes. i would love to be a department manager one day. that would rock!

speaking of work, time to get ready to go.

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