Wednesday, April 15, 2009

yay, 70 degrees!

it is going to be a great day. got up late. wanted to sleep due to a stressful week at work. pms has a rule it as well, the stress at work that is. lately my hours have been 25 to 28 a week. i have to ask to come in, which usually it is ok, but when i saw yesterday's schedule and 25 hours i freaked out. i talked to management and they will get it fixed. one can not live on 25 hours a week. wish i could get 40 but walmart doesn't hire fulltime any more. some departments like eric's will but very, very few. i would like to get 32 to 35 a week and then i am good to go. they are great to work with and i know it will be resolved on the next schedule or two. if it isn't on this one they will write me in on a day.

we are off to the deli to eat and then drive around, take pictures and shop. we got the rebate card in the mail for when i got the cell phone from alltel so we gots some cash!!! :) tomorrow is payday and we are down to like 2 bucks! bills, gotta love them!

off to get ready. stomach will be growling before long if i don't get some food in it!

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