Wednesday, April 08, 2009

yay, warm weather

today we are going to get out and take pictures since it is warm. we haven't did that in a month and we are both missing it. not sure where we will go but this time i am driving so it could be anywhere, but close lol. *sigh*. we signed up to go to a roundtable meeting at work. a chance to express your opinions. not sure if it will work or not but worth a shot. i've never been to one so it will be interesting. it's the 20th at a hotel here in town with our marketing director. we'll see how it goes.

getting back into the gilmore girls. used to love to watch it. stopped watching it for really stupid reasons. now i record it everyday :)

let's see what else.....addicted to mafia wars on facebook. its a short game thank god or i will be on there all night. short as in you have to build up your energy once you do it will last somewhat longer lol. fun game though.

off to shower and begin the day!

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