Monday, July 12, 2010


i need it. i have to have it. i thought i could do without it like i used to but i can't. i have to have a monster in the morning. i thought i could give up pepsi and coke but can't. i have to have something to keep me awake and moving. i didn't realize how tired motherhood would make you. i haven't had a pop for a week till today. oh i was in a good mood 45 minutes later, if that long. the sugar and caffeine started running through my veins. happiness! with drinking said pop i got the refrigerator cleaned out. laundry done. dinner cooked. ahhh, a new woman.  i want to lose this weight and know i need to stop the pop but not right now. i will drink less that i use to but i am not stopping it all together. can't. won't. period!

we took liam to the dr today. i thought he had another ear infeciton going on. nope, just a summer cold. it's probably a cold and/or teething but i didn't want to take a chance since he had an ear infection already. the man weighs 22lb 14oz and 27 1/2 inches long! big guy i tell ya! i wonder how big he will be in december?

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MommyBelle said...

When I was pregnant I drank one soda a day and never let myself have more than that. That has since leaked over into mommyhood thankfully! I think one soda a day is not bad at all!! And I hear you about losing weight...ugh. I keep finding excuses (stress, breastfeeding, baby etc) but really, I just need to stop eating the damn sweets!!