Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the house

when i walk through the house i look at things that i need to do or want to do. there is so much that i want to organize, hang, redecorate.....etc. but when? sure, right now as i sit down at look at my favorite blogs i can be doing something...BUT...liam is asleep. eric is asleep. i don't want to wake them. then when liam gets up it is time with him. feeding. playing. he is getting to the age where he can entertain himself but the kid only wants to do something for maybe 30 minutes then he is bored. hmmmm, kinda sounds like me. so maybe when he is a bit older he will entertain himself a lot longer and let me do things.

with so much to do i get overwhelmed and don't know where to start. then i get frustrated and just don't do anything. on our days off it is like i just want to rest and relax. after working all week the last thing i want to do is move stuff around and organize. but the dude will be crawling before we know it so we need to start baby proofing the house. we need to buy a couple more bookshelves to put in the dining room to get eric's movie collection away from tiny hands. without a doubt we will start working on it this weekend.

i want to paint in here too. see, i keep adding to the list. :) i am not one to work on things, i want it done now! so if i want to decorate, move things, i want to do it today and have it done tonight! i think that is why i get frustrated and don't do anything is because i know it won't get done in a couple of hours so i just ignore it and go on to something else.

it will all come together i know. i didn't realize having a child would be so time consuming. i feel like i am failing at the "keeping the house perfect and clean" but sometimes i just can't get up and running to do it. he takes all my time. by the time eric gets up, there is about an hour left and then i have to get lunch made and then ready for work. so i shouldn't be hard on myself but i am. it will all get done in time.

in the mean time i will enjoy every moment with liam. he is getting so big. in one week he will be 7 months! omg...where is time going?

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