Monday, July 05, 2010


"you're saying i didn't win the baby contest?"

the 4th was a pun intended. though i fell asleep at mom and dads, i had a great time..especially taking liam to the baby contest. i was so excited! he looked so cute in his swim trunks, glasses and hat.

but the dude didn't win. and that is ok. he is still the cutest darn baby i know. who needs judges! :)

so glad that dad is feeling better. such a scare the other night when he was weak. we told him he isn't mowing any more and he isn't. so he better stay in the house when it is hot and not mow. he got overheated while mowing and get very weak. scared the crap out of all of us.

and after seeing myself in the above pictures, it is time to work on getting this weight off again. so no more pop and i am going to try my best to cut out the monster too. one at a time though. don't want major headaches and eric doesn't want a whiney woman on his hands....well no more than usual. i lost it before, i can lose it again. i just need to cut out the pop and monster energy drinks. i need to find a time to walk or do something to get moving. not sure yet what or when but hopefully i will figure it out. yes, i can take him for a walk in the stroller. that is one idea. but i like to put music on to help me move. i don't. one day i will find the rhythm again.

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B said...

Aww - he looks too cute!

One thing that helped me when I was pregnant and then losing the baby weight was - just an idea :)