Tuesday, December 21, 2010

1 year!

i can not believe it has been one year since liam come into this world and changed my life. i had no idea how much a baby would bring so much joy, love and peace into your life. just a year ago at this moment i was hooked up to pitocin trying to get me to dialate. that never worked so he came via c-section at 5:43pm.

this whole year has been a blur. is it hard for you guys to remember what they looked liked when they were just tiny babies? i'd have to look at pictures to remember. seems like my mind and memory are focused on now. it doesn't seem like he is the size he is. he doesn't seem like he was ever 7lb 12.5oz and 18 inches long. i focus so much on each day that i tend to forget the little things. like his tiny toes. his tiny hand. oh to have that back for just couple of minutes to cuddle with him.

my heart is filled with so much love and joy. i can't believe that god finally answered my prayers and gave me what i needed the most in my life to complete it. liam is such a beautiful creation. everything i always wanted in a child. his big blue eyes. long eye lashes. that smile. man...i love my little boy.

i never thought i would have a child. i cherished every moment of my pregnancy and each day with him. i know he wants his dad when he is sleepy and cranky. i know it isn't me. but it is hard. i just want to be a great mom to him. i cherish every day that we have with him. he is our blessing.

i'm sure i will write more tonight but i needed to get this out.
i love you liam jackson.

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Stephanie said...

He is a cutie!! Just wait till he is almost 5 feet, over a hundred pounds, and is 10. Then try to remember him as a just a tiny thing!! He does love his momma. I saw him reach for you AND say momma!!