Sunday, December 19, 2010

1st birthday party

today we celebrated liam's first birthday. he won't officially be 1 till the 21st so we celebrated today. at first he wasn't sure if he should touch the cake or what. but once he started and knew it was ok he took off!
and then he dove in!

i might try this in march when i turn 40. looks like a better way to enjoy a cake!

and then he realized that he was a mess and apparently that didn't set too well with him.

once he got cleaned up well all ate some cake (with a plate and fork) and enjoyed chatting to each other and laughing about the above shots. he got lots of toys and clothes. he got to meet his 2 cousins for the first time. luke, he daycare buddy, came. it was a great day. here are some photos of him opening presents.
and the cake. can't forget the cake. samantha that i work with did a great job on the cake!

happy birthday, dude. momma and daddy love you very much!

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