Monday, December 13, 2010

lots to do this week

nothing like down to the wire for me. i always wait till the last minute, always. it's how i work. tried to change it but i can't. nope, won't happen. so this sunday we will be celebrating the dude's 1st birthday. holy moly....1 year! i can't believe it. i need to get decorations, plates, forks, the cake. fun times. can't wait. and then there is christmas shopping. we pretty much have all the toys we are getting liam. now for some clothes. and then shopping for everyone else. finishing up on gifts i am making. tonight, if it works out right, we will drive around and look at christmas lights. think a trip to starbucks to get peppermint hot chocolate will be in store if we do that :)

i was playing with liam in his play yard. my feet were freezing. eric got me a pair of socks. i said thank you and so did liam!!!! i looked at eric and he looked at me. both with the face of "did you hear that?" i guess i better start watching what i say. lol

we've been waiting an hour to leave to go pay a couple of bills and errands, hoping liam would take a nap. hopefully this round will do the trick. rest up little man...lots to do today!

here is the dude standing up playing in the play yard. want to bet when he will be walking????
also day 12 in my daily december!

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B said...

So cute!!!

Can't wait to see pictures of his first birthday party!