Wednesday, December 21, 2011

happy 2nd birthday, dude!!!

my baby is 2 today. two years ago he came into our world and it has been one heck of a ride! i have learned so much as a mother and i am still learning. he is just a blessing. this year our world was rocked by his appendix rupturing. God watched over him and he is healthy today. though as i type this he is fighting a fever, the worst is behind us. i know that God has his hand on him and always will. after all he is our miracle and God won't let things happen to miracles, right!?

things the dude loves:
dancing. i love it when certain commericals come on and he gets right up from what he is doing and dances. i have to get this on a video!

donuts. the hostess kind. he has to have two small donuts for each hand. perferably chocolate. powdered ones are the thing of the past.

cars and balls. give him either one and he is content! he has loves throwing balls since he was 10+ months. maybe a future baseball player???? i hope because by the time he graduates i will be close to retiring. omg....did i just say that. off to cry now...feel so old!!!!! lol

bread. any kind will do.

sponge bob, diego. he loves cartoons. sponge bob was the theme for his birthday.

chilling with daddy. he is such a daddy's boy. he loves sitting on daddy's lap and watching tv.

playing catch with momma. yay...something with momma! it is sometimes very rare. lol

the mall. he loves to throw pennies in the fountain. he throws a fit when we pass it and we can't stop.

reading. he loves to look at books and have us read to him.

drawing and coloring. he has an artistic side. he loves to draw and write.

he has a lot of words he says. he is starting to repeat more and more. though right now everything is no. that is getting better though.

i look forward to what this year will bring. i know it will be more happiness, learning, and love. i cherish each and every moment!!! love you little man!

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