Monday, December 12, 2011

pinterest monday

i haven't done this in a long time, need to bring it back!

liam's 2nd birthday party is this sunday. the theme is sponge bob. so i searched on pinterest to see what i could find for ideas. i think the guy is a little too involved to do so i will definately stick to cupcakes! i like these two cakes though.

love this pillow.

i would love to have this in the living room above the couch!

this would be fun to put somewhere. we all need some of it. :)

isn't this bird gorgeous?

LOVE this doorway!

next year i am doing elf on the shelf. this would be so fun to do!

and this would be fun to do with liam gets older.

i'd love to make a boyish one of these. the dude loves pillows!

and that's it for this week!

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