Sunday, December 18, 2011

this week in pictures!

what a busy week it has been!

we started off the week with liam getting his first hair cut. lots of photos on the last post but here are a couple more.

we stopped at the bank and guess who we saw....gus gorilla! liam gave him a hug and wished him luck for this week's championship game. did it work? :)

we haven't ate out much lately. but we did stop at mcdonald's for a cheap, fast meal. while at mcdonalds liam drank too fast and too much and lost all he ate that day. not fun!

since we got the oven fixed i have been dying to cook! so i made some pumpkin whoopie pies!! yum!

what a surprise to see this when i went to check my "myguide." by the way, they don't show people's full last names at work. it's a safety issue.

our university was on their way to florence, al for the ncaa dII championship, it was yesterday the 17th. friday this insert was in the paper. "bama bound!!!"

and did that hug to gus gorilla work???

yes it did! the gorilla's won 35-21. i listened at work. people thought i was nuts but a true fan doesn't care what others think. i was into the game...i didn't care. it was an amazing game!

since psu's graduation was the same day as the championship game, we had several cakes made up into the bakery. we took a few and wrote on them after the game. here is a cake i wrote on.

saturday night eric's family came into town so we could celebrate christmas and the next day liam's birthday. two of the gifts i got.....

sorry it is side ways. :)

tomorrow pictures of the dude's birthday. all of these were taken on my phone, i haven't uploaded the photos from today yet. have a great week and take lots of pictures!

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