Monday, December 26, 2011

this week in pictures

a day late but that is due to christmas pictures! here we go!

the dude and i cuddled up in bed!

daddy had to work on christmas eve, so we had a little time together. first stop, mcdonalds.

then off to look around at some places. we stopped at our favorite store, hastings! dude loves to look at books there!

every year we get one of these from eric's grandfather. yum!!!!

eric got me a coffee cup. there was only one left, he couldn't wait becaue he knows i love these three works: live, laugh, love.

last week we celebrated christmas with eric's family. liam loves nutter butters!!!

i got some really cool stuff! this awesome necklace for the vintage pearl.

and project life, amber edition!!!

i ordered page protectors and they came on christmas eve!

now get out there and take pictures of your week!

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