Sunday, January 01, 2012

happy new year!!!!

wow...what a year 2011 was. i grew as a wife, mother and friend. i learned more about myself. i watched a sweet two year old grow. i watched as he layed in pain. i realized that life is too short, enjoy each moment. i voiced my opinion more. i noticed it time for me to get a hold of my anxiety and live my life. each  moment and experience i learned from. we all do. we grow rather it is fun, bad, boring or exciting. i look forward to seeing what 2012 brings.

i decided that my "one little word" for 2012 will be LIVE! i want to live the life i was meant to life. i want to overcome or at least tolerate my anxiety to where it doesn't not control me. i want to go places i haven't been in years. i want to be me. i am excited!!! i feel god gave me a chance to start over when eric and i got together. ever since then things have been going up and up. i've been the happiest i have been in many years. so i know he will help me achieve my goals and be with the ones i want to be with this year at holidays, birthday parties, get togethers and so much more! here's to 2012!!!!

i will put this week in photos in this post.

christmas morning! the tree all lit up! happiness!

the dude with his new toy and some new clothes!

we decided to go with us cellular after realizing we could safe more money and get better service in the areas i am wanting to go this year. here is eric playing with his new phone while waiting on our food at sonic.

a few months back i got an email from oprah about her new life classes. you could sign up to take them and get a free journal. mine came this week.

my title page for project life. i can not wait to start this!!!

my nephew and his wife are having a girl in the next couple of weeks. i love looking at girl stuff! found these two valentine onsies!

and the highlight of this week....liam put one of his plastic golf clubs in his pjs!

i tried to get him to hold up a sign and keep his santa hat on, this is the santa hat he has his pictures from the hospital in when he was born, but it didn't work.

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